Happy Obstacles

So I got engaged a little over a month ago and I didn’t post anything here because I felt I hadn’t built any kind of following and thought it wouldn’t really matter. However, the more I delve into the world of planning a wedding. I think it is highly appropriate.

Planning a wedding = overcoming a life obstacle.

The obstacle isn’t choosing to be with someone who makes you a better person and you couldn’t think of living without. The hard part is making the many decisions all while trying to balance the opinions and feelings of not only your fiance, but also other loved ones.

I am just hoping that I can stayed organized and relaxed. I worry that if I begin to stress too much I will have a MS relapse. Stress seems to be one of my triggers, and if you can prevent any undo physical/mental side effects, I believe you should.

Overall though I am super excited, and can’t wait to marry my fiance who is more than I ever deserve in a partner. Just a little proof that life goes on!

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2 Responses to Happy Obstacles

  1. Judy says:


  2. First congratulations that is great news and I for one love hearing good news, some days it’s in short supply as I’m sure you already know. Thank you for sharing. Yes stress really can and does get in the way a lot, remember what’s the most important part in all of this. It’s all about the two of you becoming one. Don’t sweat the little things let someone else worry about that stuff.

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