My Untold Story – Part III

After that prescription for the cervical spine, the saga with the receptionist at the neurologist’s office began. When I first started writing down, my MS story the back and forth with the doctor’s office was so painful, and I think some of my initial frustrations of the disease may have been misplaced. Therefore, I am only going to try as accurately as I can recall (It was just over a year ago this all occurred) list just the facts.

The neurologist had 2 offices – I will label them 1 and 2 to distinguish. It gets a little confusing.

  •  Called the hospital to schedule the MRI, and they said I needed an authorization number from my insurance, and said to get that from the doctor’s office.
  •  I called the neurologist’s office (1) and put in my request. I waited, about a week, and called back. She didn’t have the required number, but the next day she was able to provide it.
  • Made appointment for MRI 3/6/10
  • 3/6/10 – MRI completed00
  • 3/09/10 – Hand specialist wanted copy of the MRI report
  • 3/11/10 – Called Neurologist office (1) did not have the report
  • 3/17/10 – Received certified letter from neurologist office stating he tried to reach me 3/8 and /9 with no luck. Enclosed a prescription for post contrast MRI brain and cervical spine Immediately called office (1) neurologist is on vacation and was told no reasoning was left as to why the doctor prescribed new MRIs
  • 3/19 – Called back neurologist office (2) to see if they had received the MRI report to give to hand specialist. Said no so I asked if I could speak to someone about the note I received and I told I would need another authorization # for the prescribed MRIs. I receive the radiologist report I had been trying to get.
  • 3/20 – Tried to schedule the MRIs appointments but was given an old authorization #
  • 3/22 – I called office (2) and they said I would have to call office (1) to get a new number
  • 3/22 – Call office (1) no record of prescription in file will have to see what she can do
  • 3/23 – Nurse from neurologist office calls no info in file except the note the neurologist sent me
  • 3/24 – Office (1) calls says can’t get authorization # w/o more info so I fax her my copy of the MRI report.
  • 3/25 – Nurse calls back and says there is a suspected lesion on C2 and the doctor wants further testing to confirm. Office (1) calls with new MRI authorization #. Schedule appointment for testing a hospital. Call office (2) to schedule post MRI appointment made for 4/20
  • 3/28 – MRIs performed
  • 3/29 – Call office (2) saying I had prescribed MRIs completed and ask if I need an earlier appointment. They put me on Nurse’s list for call back
  • 3/30 – Had not received phone call from nurse. Called office (1) asking the same question as when I called office (2) the day prior. She said she would talk to the neurologist. Didn’t hear anything that evening called again said I would have to try in the morning
  • 3/31 –  Spoke with office (1) she was surprised no one had called said would speak with the MD directly. Later that day I received a phone call from office (1) saying I needed to come in as soon as possible. Made an appointment for 4/2 and was told to bring all MRI discs
  • 3/31 – went to the hospital to receive my disc which were given to me w/the radiologist report which read “The appearance of the cord lesion in the context of perientricular white matter lesions seen on concurrently obtain MRI examination of the brain is most consistent with a demyelinating process such as multiple sclerosis”

I remember reading that sentence in the hospital parking lot and just breaking down into tears. Almost 3 months from the onset of my original hand pain, I had an answer. Of course I still had my doctor’s appointment in 2 days. The next part of my story will further explain that appointment and how my life went on.

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